大家好,我叫LA LUCE,是一家买手店,我的主人是买手王艺澐和皮匠陈泰亨。前期听到多次的交谈,关于为我定制新衣的种种想法,于是我就开始偷偷地在白纸本上用铅笔勾勒出他们为我定制新衣上身的景象,虽然满满都是抽象的笔触,但是可以感觉到笔触的节奏,平缓、安静饱满而又充实,非常细微,不容易察觉,却又非常笃定,非常坚持。

Hello, everyone, I am LA LUCE, a select shop. My owners are a buyer, Shani Wang , and a cobbler,Taiheng Chen. A little earlier, I heard a lot of conversations about making new clothes for me, so I began secretly sketching about how they will customize new clothes for me with pencils on the white paper. Although it is full of abstract strokes, it can also be felt with the rhythm of strokes, which are gentle, quiet, full and substantial, very subtle, not easy to detect, but very assured and very persistent.


80 m2
改造前留个影像纪念 ▴


Shanghai's old foreign-style houses are always easy to leak and moldy. Because of the sun and rain, even the whole street of platanus orientalis also become mottled and fragmented. And now, I want to be beautiful again. Over the years, I have provided others with many beautiful new clothes, and it's time for me to change new clothes.



Between narrow and long shops, it is the street inertia of old foreign-style house in Shanghai, and I am no exception. My owner and designer followed the design in the street, they lengthen the space by the street scene, co-existing with scattered western-style buildings and elegant platanus orientalis. There is an ancient well in the courtyard, where they put green plants that have rooted in the land, sharing the space with me.




The paint of this courtyard is also specially selected, which is sun-resistant, but also water-proof, coated with three layers, and much stronger as expected. The palm catels in the courtyard store many site memories, also sore sunlight, rain, dew in the morning, the noise of pedestrians floating, and small beetles that occasionally fly to stay for a while. Here with me, you have leisure enough to feel your clothes.



If you are tired of work or have no mood, you can come to me, chat with my owner Shani  in the faint light of the early sun, listen to music, choose one or two favorite clothes, clean up my mood and set out again.




Under the platanus orientalis, because of the charm, I can feel the last bloom of every branch and leaf of the platanus orientalis in winter, and see a large area of light moving. At the moment, they swing with the bright or dark shadow, sunny or cloudy, full of changes. The beautiful shadow is the most secret projection of my heart.





The light and shadow under the platanus orientalis must like me, and try to get close to me. Even if there is no wind, I can see that the light gradually moves to me, and even breaks into my heart.





From the entrance, my ground lays with roses, which extends to the interior. The roses are selected natural river stones, emitting the texture of the tide in the fine stone penetration. Compared with the terrazzos, the roses are less suffering, but can show the most natural and simple feeling.





Light, she disappears.The passers-by at the door who are seemingly disordered but have some rhythm pass wave by wave, slow but not impatient, and the road has become the most natural fashion show, no relation with romantic, identity, gender, age, taste. This is the perspective that I look out every day, looking forward to one day you can turn around for me.






Light, she appears again.I retreat deeper and play hide-and-seek with light. In new clothes, I am more loved by light, she breaks into my heart more obviously, this will be her ambiguous all the year round.






The interior walls are painted with the same color as the courtyard walls, so that the visual connection between the inside and the outside is maintained, and then guided to Master Chen's workshop. Hangers are all replaced, and the neat metal hangers are as neat as the clothes I collected. Here is more like a changing cloakroom, every time you come to pick out the favorite clothes, if you want to make handmade leather goods, you can make an appointment with Master Chen to customize your own leather goods.




Master Chen fills my newly added shelves with his collection of hand tools, each of them is very exquisite.





I was originally a hallway, but later became a tool display area for handmade leather goods. Going straight ahead, you'll hear all kinds of the sound that Master Chen makes leather goods, dong, dong dong, dong, dong dong...





I enjoy the scene that Master Chen works hard carefully. He is very careful to all his works. Master Chen's rope passes through the leather bag, the pulsating sound smoothly passes through your eardrum, and every needle is looking for an outlet for relief. It is definitely the most precious blessing to get the leather goods made by Master Chen himself.



Back to the street scene of people coming and going and plane trees swaying, back to the wilderness of endless time, no sooner or later, you happened to stop at my door, I must be happy to sigh in the heart: I finally meet you!