We are cast-outs in the first-tier cities, living in obscurity from nine to twelve everyday, but excusing ourselves often with the title of “first-tier residents”. In our career life, we have been imprisoned in many different types of prison vans, limited time, limited freedom,even to sold our souls over and over. If you don't slow down to take a look about the process, you will never be mature or learn a single thing. This time, we decided to build our own prison van to searching for a balance. The first stop is AWHITE DESIGN (Shanghai) house, We feel satisfied with a hundred-years-old house in the French Concession  .





30 m2
一間白(上海)办公室 地址



△ 开工     




For the sake of prestige, it’s naturally for us to give an idea to support our practical significance. 天下皆知美为美,美斯恶也(ancient Chinese proverb) It means that when everyone knows that a beauty is beautiful, she is no longer beautiful. The first beauty is creation, the second beauty is imitation. The greatest space is the space in the idea, which is driven by its own idea and the relations between space. It’s kind of abstract, but it is actually the origin of beauty. It can be said that the result of our space is not the most important, what important is our actions to realize the space in our concept.


In modern society, we are only allowed to consume, which deprives people from the happiness by working with their own hands. We want to enhance ourselves to bring that joy back to us. A space should be managed by someone. We should establish a connection between ideas and reality by facing the actual self from the perspective of individualization and emotion.


It is said that most people die in their twenties or thirties, because after that they are only their own shadows. They spend the rest of their lives imitating themselves day after day, become more mechanical, more posturing to repeat what they did, thought, loved and hated in their lifetime. We are in our twenties and thirties. We don't know if we will lose ourselves in busy work and endless desire. Will our life be balanced if we’re not greedy!


We try to abandon the vulgar and intolerable craftsy, eradicate the paint and powder which discard your vitality, so that the house will returns to the original image of life, and light may recover her skin when she first fell love in space and time.


Man wastes his youth because of his sorrow. A man with some skills has to use them. Everyone has a fire in his heart but passers-by can only sense the smoke. Yet, there's always someone, someone who can feel the fire and come along with us.


Days are changing, but aesthetics is unchanged; cities are changing, but human pursuit of the meaning of harmonious life is unchanged. In the prison prison van made by myself, the more I feels aloof and unreachable, the more I’m involved in it. Do what you shouldn't do, and build a relationship with a space that money can't buy.


Blind our eye, lest us enter into temptation. Young Chinese designers should not be afraid to do what they like. Success is not measured by money, awards, or fame. Lack of enthusiasm for career sometimes hinders the design industry in China. Pursuing for quick success and quick profits will make people sold their thoughts and souls.


The result of doing it by your own hands is the harmony, and the consonance, which adds a little freedom to the atmosphere. The delicate skin of that space is full of youthful vitality. We hope that this is a non-traditional design workshop, where there is no high-intensity mechanical keyboard sound, no hypocrisy, no bossing around, this is a project space with fair, inclusive and critical spirit.


Gradually, we are assimilated in the industry. It is very dangerous for those who are ahead to make their voice the only voice. If everyone think that should be of course, it's a violence with no thinking. We oppose each other just to defeat each other and to reach a consistent conclusion. As a result, we’re both defeated.


We say nothing to the world, neither complain nor blame. Our hearts are humbled, down to the dust, and a flower of vanity blossoms.

青年的囚车在黎前时出发,他看见天上的星辰,他说他从未感觉到生命是如此饱满的  。

The young man's prison van set out at dawn. He saw the stars in the sky. He said that he had never felt so full of life.