60 m2


听说黑色钻石不同于地球上任何钻石它是遥远的外星球所带来的神秘矿物质在地球还未形成 它早已存在宇宙之中印记着悠久的时光
It is said that the black diamond is different from any other kinds of diamond on the earth. It is a kind of mysterious minerals from a distant planet, which has already existed in the universe even before the birth of the earth, marking a long long period of time.





In order to present the temperament of the black diamonds, we covered the ground with black grains of sand. The carbonized plants are in the doldrums; original black stones scattered on the ground for people to sit on and have a rest, feeling the quiet, introvert, lonely yet full spirit of the space.


A few streaks of light in darkness is full of power, as if a guidance in the chaos of the universe. What the space conveys is both shattered fantasies and arising hopes, is life and death, is the questioning of self existence.


We start with black, start from the deathly stillness. Because the subtle shimmer in the night is so enchanting that we begin to enjoy letting our imagination gallop through layers of shadows in the darkness.


Light smoke is driven with the wind in the space. The temperature in the space is set to the lowest. As is said by ancient poets, all romantic and elegant things are to be reflected in the cold. In here, however, you may miss the secular world if you stay for longer.


When looking in details at the moon installation, no other color can be seen, and there is only see a few weak lights from the craters of the moon.


If expressing your confusion at the light spot 1.2 meters from the moon, you may find that the whole universe is resonating with you. There will always be one day when I will stand at the end of the universe, then look back at it all.


Projecting everything in the eyes of god, you see the from the mirror that the answer is to be as best as you can.


Search through the secret door, the heavy door opened, behind which is a space wrapped by mirrors. You will find yourself nowhere to hide, thus have to face to the true self. People have thousands of faces yet each one is real.


Learn to speak to yourself; admit, accept and attempt to love the self you once hated – this is the only way to forgive yourself. We have already entered the palace of the god when we could talk to ourselves and smile at ourselves that we used to dislike. No more prays for anything.


Push the door to enter the next room, this space has no end. Only when understanding the state of non-being, can one truly understand the ubiquitous existence of everything.


The temperature of this space is increased to 30 degrees Celsius. You see yourself from the multiple reflections in old and new mirrors. Only when you look at yourself in this way can you know how to deal with panic. Because it is you that is the only one who knows how to deal with yourself.


Lamplight is used to represent the water flowing in ravines and hills. In such 1.2-meter-wide faith, there is again another self, the self that understands all with tolerance.


When you close the eyes of the world, when you no longer looking at someone else's brightness, you finally understand, that you are where the light comes from.


Back into the real space, we hope that everyone could gain the access to wisdom, to freedom, to love, as well as to trouble,to craziness;everyone could open up to panic,to selfishness,to goodness,and to smile.


In this colorful world, the black diamond still sticks to the pursuit of the self,inclusive to all perfections and imperfections with an introverted and humble nature.